SN 2001ig : Bright supernova reaching 13th mag

R. Evans discovered SN 2001ig (14.5mag) visually on Dec. 10.43, and confirmed by C. Bembrick with CCD on Dec. 10.55. The position is about 139" east and 109" north of the big face-on open-spiral galaxy NGC 7424. The spectrum taken at Las Campanas Observatory shows it is in the very early phase. The CfA team reports the provisional classification as type II/IIb (vsnet-campaign-sn 295, 296). This supernova further brightened to 13.0mag on December 19 as reported by A. Pearce (vsnet-campaign-sn 299). IAUC 7777 informed that the radio emission from this SN was detected. Type II/IIb SNe are sometimes a strong radio emitter, because of the interaction of the SN shock with the circumstellar matter which had outflowed from the progenitor during the supergiant phase (vsnet-campaign-sn 300).