SN 2001ie : Intrinsically bright type Ia

A. Dimai reported the discovery by A. Bincoletto of an apparent supernova (mag about 16.5) in the image on Dec. 9 in IAUC 7771. H. Yamaoka reported that the recession velocity of UGC 5542 (the host elliptical galaxy of SN 2001ie) is 9215 km/s, from which the expected maximum for the normal SN Ia is about 1 mag dimmer than reported (vsnet-campaign-sn 293). The CfA team (IAUC 7774) and the Asiago team (IAUC 7776) took a spectrum of this object, which revealed that it was of type Ia a few days after maximum on Dec. 13 (vsnet-campaign-sn 298).