SN 2001ib

A fairly bright SN (mag about 15.3 on December 7) was discovered by M. Armstrong and R. Arbour independently. The position is about 10" west and 1" north of the nucleus of the apparently spiral galaxy NGC 7242. The expected maximum for the typical unreddened SN Ia in this galaxy is mag about 16.0, and the Galactic extinction for this position is expected as large as A_R = 0.4. So, the observed (discovery mag 15.3) brightness is unusually large (vsnet-campaign-sn 291). IAUC 7773 informed that this SN was of type Ia near maximum light on Dec. 10, and the spectrum shows some features which are typical for a somewhat subluminous event. The shifts of absorption lines are consistent that this SN has the same recession velocity as NGC 7242. Thus, this galaxy should be nearer (factor ~ 2) than estimated from v_r (vsnet-campaign-sn 294).