SN 2001hf

The LOTOSS team discovered SN 2001hf on CCD images taken on November 27 and December 4. The host galaxy of SN 2001hf is MCG -03-23-17 = ESO 564-G015. H. Yamaoka reported that the expected maximum of typical SN Ia in this galaxy is mag about 16, considering the Galactic extinction (vsnet-campaign-sn 287). The CfA team has revealed that it was of type II SN near maximum from the spectrum taken on Dec. 6.51. The discovery magnitude (161:C on Nov. 27.3 or Dec. 4.5) and the reported magnitude (R=16.6, I=16.3 on Dec. 5.31) suggest that it is somewhat bright one among the SNe II (vsnet-campaign-sn 290).