SN 2001gc

The LOTOSS team discovered SN 2001gc in the image taken on November 21. SN 2001gc locates about 9" east-southeast of the nucleus of the host galaxy = UGC 3375 (SA(rs)c), superimposed on the inner part of the disk. The expected maximum for typical SN Ia is mag about 16.1. The object was reported to be 18.2mag on November 18.2 and 16.2mag when it was discovered (vsnet-campaign-sn 282). The CfA team revealed that this SN is of type Ia having larger expansion velocity than usual. They commented that the expansion velocity (16600 km/s) suggests this SN to be well (~2 weeks) before maximum, but the inspection of their spectrum shows that it was probably near maximum but has the larger expansion velocity. Such a large expansion velocity is typical for the intrinsically bright SN Ia (vsnet-campaign-sn 285).