SN 2001G

SN 2001G has been discovered by M. Armstrong on January 8.051 at mag 16.1, and 4 days later it has brightened to mag 15.2. The location is 2" east and 4" south of the center of dim (mag 16) galaxy MCG +08-17-43. NED does not give the type of the galaxy and its recession velocity, but it seems to be a nearly edge-on spiral. (vsnet-campaign-sn 131). It brightened since its discovery: O. Trondal and M. Fiaschi reported the magnitude of 15.3C on January 15 and 14.4R on January 16, respectively (vsnet-campaign-sn 135, 137). The object remained at the maximum for a few days in the end of January (vsnet-campaign-sn 140).