SN 2001fz

IAUC 7753 informed the discovery of a SN in the neighbouring galaxy NGC 2280 in Canis Major. The Beijing Astronomical Observatiory team discovered SN 2001fz on Nov. 15.8 (17.4 mag) and 16.7 (17.0 mag) at the nearby galaxy NGC 2280. The position is about 16" east and 66" north of the nucleus of the inclined spiral galaxy NGC 2280. It located the outermost part of the arm region. The host galaxy is the late type, so there are many H II regions on the disk. The expected maximum for typical SN Ia in this galaxy is mag about 14.0 (included the Galactic extinction), and mag about 16 for typical SN II (vsnet-campaign-sn 277, vsnet-campaign-sn 278). The CfA team has revealed that it is of type II (IAUC 7759). H. Yamaoka reported that the recent magnitude estimates shows that it has not become brighter than it was at discovery (unfiltered CCD mag about 17.0) (vsnet-campaign-sn 283).