SN 2001en : Type Ia supernova somewhat brighter than expected

The KAIT team discovered SN 2001en on September 26.5 when it was mag about 17.5. It was confirmed on the next day with mag about 17.0, when it was independently discovered by Beijing team. The location is about 6" east and 3" south of the eastern nucleus of the odd-shaped galaxy NGC 523. The expected maximum of the normal SN Ia on this galaxy is mag about 15.5. The remarkable rising trend suggested that it was quite young object (vsnet-campaign-sn 255). IAUC 7732 informed that SN 2001en is of type Ia, and reached its optical maximum around Oct. 10. The reported magnitude around maximum is about 15.0, which is somewhat brighter than the typical SN Ia (vsnet-campaign-sn 261, 262).