SN 2001ef

M. Armstrong discovered SN 2001ef on September 9 at mag 16.1. The position is about 1" east and 8" north of the center of the barred-spiral galaxy IC 381 = UGC 3130. From the recession velocity of the host galaxy of 2476 km/s, the expected maximum of the normal SN Ia is mag about 14.3. The SN did not detected on the image taken by the discoverer on Aug. 29, so it seems to be discovered in its early phase. On the other hand, the multicolor photometry at Apache Point observatory (Sept. 10.44) shows that it seems to be somewhat red, indicating its somewhar old nature. It can be reddened by the interstellar (or circumstellar) matter (vsnet-campaign-sn 238). This SN turned out to be of SN Ic about a week after maximum on September 12, which is consistent with the reported magnitudes (mag about 16.0 on Sept. 9-10) (vsnet-campaign-sn 239).