SN 2001ed : Bright 14th mag supernova

M. Migliardi discovered a supernova, SN 2001ed on September 2.96 and 3.01 when the object was 14.9mag. The position is about 9" east and 20" south of the nucleus of the face-on spiral galaxy NGC 706. The reported magnitude is far brighter than the expected maximum of SN Ia from the recession velocity of NGC 706. It seems the same case as SN 2001cj, who has a great concern of its distance (vsnet-campaign-sn 234, 235). Prediscovery observations informed in IAUC 7704 shows that the object can be a type II SN in its plateau phase, or other type SN some days (or a week) after maximum (vsnet-campaign-sn 236). The spectrum obtained by the Danish 1.54-m telescope at ESO La Silla on Sept. 9.257 and the CfA spectrum on Sept 11.42 showed that SN 2001ed was of type Ia several weeks after maximum light. The maximum was occurred around August 18 at about 14.5mag, which is coincident to the expected one (vsnet-campaign-sn 239).