SN 2001cj

SN 2001cj was discovered by the KAIT team and confirmed on May 30.3 UT and 31.3 UT, when SN was mag about 15.9 and 15.7. The position is about 7" west and 35" north of the nucleus of a barred-spiral galaxy UGC 8399. The spectrum of this SN indicates that it was of type Ia before optical maximum. Interestringly, this galaxy is included by the famous "fan-shaped figure" of the CfA redshift survey, and is one of the member of the "human-shaped" region. From the CfA survey, it is suggested that UGC 8399 is a member of the "group 81" whose mean v_r is about 7200 km/s. The expected maximum of typical SN Ia is around mag 16.5, which is far dimmer than one at discovery. Meanwhile, the "group 82" (v_r = 5100 km/s) lies foreground of group 81. If the distance of SN 2001cj corresponds to the recession velocity of group 82, the expected maximum is mag about 15.7. It is quite important to determine whether SN 2001cj is intrinsically bright (slow decliner) or is normal one. It can probe the true distance of the group 81 (vsnet-campaign-sn 205).