SN 2001bf

IAUC 7620 reported that the discovery of SN 2001bf was made by M. Armstrong on May 3.02 at mag 16.5, and he confirmed it on May 4.965 at mag 15.9. The reported position is 5" east and 8" south of the center of the spiral (?) galaxy MCG +04-42-22. From the recession velocity of the host galaxy (4647 km/s from NED), the expected maximum of the typical SN Ia would be around 15.9 mag (vsnet-campaign-sn 176). The object brightened to 15.1R on May 9 (vsnet-campaign-sn 183). H. Kawakita, K. Kinugasa, and H. Yamaoka performed spectroscopy and reported that it is of type Ia shortly before maximum light (vsnet-campaign-sn 183, 185).

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