SN 2001ac

A nearby SN, SN 2001ac was discovered by the KAIT telescope on March 12 at mag about 18.2. The position is about 55" east and 9" north of the bright nucleus of the starburst galaxy NGC 3504. The recession velocity suggested that the typical unreddened SN Ia on this galaxy can reach mag 13 or so, but it remained the samemagnitude two days (vsnet-campaign-sn 164). W. Li reported that it was not blue at all, so it shouldn't be a very early SN Ia, but might be a subluminous SN II (vsnet-campaign-sn 162, 163). The Ouda team observed the object on March 16 and reported that it looks like the supernova has not brightened significantly since the discovery (vsnet-campaign-sn 166).

Supernovae images presented by D. Bishop: