QW Ser : Superoutburst in February

P. Schmeer detected an outburst of the SU UMa-type dwarf nova QW Ser on January 25. The last observed outburst was a superoutburst started on 2001July 5. Prior to that one, P. Schmeer had found three other outbursts: 1999 Oct. 4 (supermaximum), 2000 Jan. 4 (normal), May 1 (normal) (vsnet-campaign 714). The object rapidly faded from the maximum of this outburst (vsnet-campaign 731), and then, a genuine superoutburst was triggered on February 2 (vsnet-campaign 740). R. Novak reported his detection of superhumps during the outburst (vsnet-campaign-dn 470). The superoutburst continued until February 12 when the Kyoto team detected a considerable fading (vsnet-campaign-dn 476).

The next outburst was reported on April 29 by R. Stubbings (vsnet-campaign 887). The light curve obtained by R. Novak showed only linear fading modulated by some flickering (vsnet-campaign-dn 741). A relatively rapid fading was reported, but the decline rate was rather slow for normal outbursts (vsnet-campaign-dn 730, 738).

On June 18, M. Simonsen reported an outburst of 13.7mag, which was a normal outburst (vsnet-campaign-dn 913, 920).

vsnet-campaign 750, vsnet-campaign-dn 415, 418, 461, 465, 468, 466, 469, 472, 487, 478, 485, 724, 726, 729, 917

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