New Cataclysmic Variables in 2QZ Survey
Z And
UU Aur
Brh V84 : Erruptive variable?
CE-315 : New ultrashort period cataclysmic variable
CH Cyg : Sudden brightening
RZ Psc : Short, temporary fading
Had V98 : Haseda's new variable, R CrB?
HD172468 : New variable star with temporary sudden fading
RX J1643.7+3402 : Bright cataclysmic variable in the period gap
LT Del : Rare major brightening
LMC V2434 : Curious short outburst
LMC V3804 : Noticeable brightening of WR star
mu Cen : Brightening in June
NSV25735 : Bipolar outflow in a yellow symbiotic variable
OJ 287: Active phase since April
ST Cha
V1363 Cyg
V854 Cen
V4018 Sgr: Dramatic fading
WR104 : Large amplitude variation in a Wolf-Rayet star
WR106 : Twin of WR104
Z UMi : Fading since March
DW Cnc : Curious short-term variations
kappa CMa
DY Per
RR Tau
SU Tau
SV Sge
V407 Vul : ~9 min orbital period ?