OJ 287 : Active phase since April

In 2001 January, the object gradually faded from the bright state since the end of 2000 to 15th mag (vsnet-campaign-blazar 120, 138, 162 A gradual brightening started on April (vsnet-campaign-blazar 183, 186), and thenm became active around 15.0mag (vsnet-campaign-blazar 192).

G. Poyner reported that the object experienced an outburst of 14.1mag on December 22 (vsnet-campaign-blazar 236). The object was reported to be still faint on November 24 (vsnet-campaign-blazar 237). M. Kidger commented that OJ287 is prone to short-lived flares of up to 1 magnitude amplitude which usually last for only a week (vsnet-campaign-blazar 238).

Light Curve of This Object