NSV10934 : The first-ever observed outburst

R. Stubbing reported on March 13 that the cataclysmic variable candidate NSV 10934, selected from NSV and ROSAT catalogue, experienced an outburst at 12.9mag. The outburst is probably first-ever visually ] observed one (vsnet-campaign 812). The outburst continued until March 16-17 (vsnet-campaign-dn 583, 588, 603), and T. Kato noticed that the duration of the outburst plateau is longer than that of an SU UMa-type normal outburst, but is significantly shorter than those of superoutbursts (vsnet-campaign-dn 585). T. Kato mentioned that the position given by Morel in [vsnet-campaign-dn 592] corresponds to a USNO star of r=16.4 and b=16.9. The outburst amplitude may be relatively small (vsnet-campaign-dn 593, 598).

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