LMC V2434 : Curious short outburst

On June 6, W. Liller reported a major outburst of LMC V2434, a M2eIII star, which is also known as a supersoft X-ray source. The object usually remains at 12.6mag, but flared up to 9.8mag. This outburst may be some kind of a major outburst of a supersoft X-ray source, or a some kind of nova explosion, or symbiotic outburst or X-ray outburst; the nature is quite unknown (vsnet-campaign 965, vsnet-campaign-xray 67). W. Liller reported on June 7 that the object rapidly returned to quiescent state (vsnet-campaign 966, vsnet-campaign-xray 68). T. Kato reported that the star is listed as B72, a foreground LPV variable = Case 48-8 (vsnet-campaign 967, vsnet-campaign-xray 69). H. Yamaoka reported that DSS images shows no significant proper motion (vsnet-campaign 968, vsnet-campaign-xray 70). The object remains calm after this brightening (vsnet-campaign 970).

General Information on This Object