SAX J1711.6-3808 : NEW X-ray transient

E. Kuulkers forwarded the draft of IAU Circ. which reported the discovery of a new X-ray transient SAX J1711.6-3808. The object was detected with BeppoSAX observations on February 8.8-11.5 (UT) at 30-80mCrab (2-9 keV) (vsnet-campaign 763). H. Yamaoka performed astrometry using CCD images taken by the Kyoto team. There are two stars somewhat brighter than DSS R image. One is an USNO_A2.0 star at R.A. = 17:11:36.40, Decl. = -38:08:16.3 (2000.0), whose rmag = 15.4 bmag = 18.9. It appears on Kyoto image to be 14.8:C. Another one is located at R. A. = 17:11:39s.15, Decl. = -38:07:52.7 (2000.0), which is not cataloged in USNO_A2.0, but can be seen on DSS2 R and Bj image. The rough magnitude estimates on DSS are r = 17.6, b = 19.5. It appears on Kyoto image to be 16.0:C. These are possibly red stars (vsnet-campaign-xray 64).

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