RX J1155.4-5641 : Dwarf nova with a short recurrence time

R. Stubbings and A. Pearce reported an outburst of RX J1155.4-5641 on January 15. The last outburst was observed on 2000 December 9 (vsnet-campaign-dn 403). The long, bright outburst apparently entered the rapid decline stage on January 29 as indicated by R. Stubbings observation of 13.2mag (vsnet-campaign-dn 438). After the decline rate became more gradual, the object remained above the quiescent magnitude for a while (vsnet-campaign 738). B. Monard detected an outburst of 12.5mag on April 13 (vsnet-campaign 657). The object rapidly faded from this outburst (vsnet-campaign-dn 671). Another outburst was reported on May 13 by R. Stubbings (13.9mag on 13.403 UT) and A. Pearce (13.2mag on 13.546 UT) (vsnet-campaign-dn 774). B. Monard's observation shows the object rapidly faded to 14.2mag on May 13.692 (vsnet-campaign-dn 776). A relatively bright outburst of 12.0mag was reported on September 6 by B. Monard (vsnet-campaign-dn 1509).

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Light Curve of This Object