RX J0944.5+0357 : New dwarf nova, no periodic modulations?

T. Watanabe first detected an outburst (13.2mag) of this ROSAT-selected cataclysmic variable on January 4. This finding established its dwarf nova nature. The object has been monitored since 1999 March, yielding no other outburst (typical limiting magnitude 13.5). The CV is listed in New CVs from "The Hamburg/RASS Catalogue of Optical Identifications". The quiescent magnitude is 16.3 (vsnet-campaign 654). The light curve obtained by S. Kiyota on January 5 showed small-amplitude irregular fluctuations superimposed on a gradual fading. There was no superhump-like modulation up to an amplitude of 0.1 mag. (vsnet-campaign 661). The object faded by nearly 1 mag between January 5 and 6. T. Kato commented that the rapid fading suggests that the object may be a short-period system, or even an SU UMa-type star in normal outburst (vsnet-campaign 667). P. Schmeer reported its second ever recorded outburst reaching 13.1mag on June 9 (vsnet-campaign 977).

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Light Curve of This Object