Had V98 : Haseda's new variable, R CrB?

K. Haseda discovered a new variable star (HadV98). The variable had been almost constant for years at 10.6-10.7mag, and suddenly faded to <12.8mag since around May 2001. This star may be a new R CrB star or a long-period eclipsing binary (or something else?). The lack of IRAS detection may be against the R CrB-type interpretation, but has been a result of source confusion (vsnet-campaign 1089). K. Kanatsu confirmed the fading of this new variable star (vsnet-campaign 1090). The object recovered from the faint state since early September (vsnet-campaign 1171, 1172).

CCD image by T. Scarmato: (vsnet-image 58, vsnet-campaign 1094).

Light Curve of This Object