Dwarf Novae

FO And
IW And
KV And: Superoutburst in August
V1141 Aql : Superoutburst with a precursor in July
BF Ara: Short supercycle system
FS Aur: Normal outbursts again
CR Boo: Strong oscillations in 2001 May
TT Boo
EP Car: Normal outburst in April
OY Car
AM Cas: Just before a standstill ?
GX Cas: Two superoutbursts in June and November
BV Cen: Small-amplitude outburst in April
V342 Cen : The first outburst detected visually
V359 Cen
V436 Cen
V485 Cen: Superoutburst in March
V803 Cen: Strong oscillations
FX Cep
WX Cet: Superoutburst in June
Z Cha
RX Cha: Superoutburst in March
omega CMa: Large brighening
AK Cnc: Unexpectedly short supercycle ?
AT Cnc
CC Cnc: Superoutburst in November
GY Cnc: Outburst in November
AL Com: The first superoutburst since 1995
IR Com: Somewhat long? rare outburst in March
TU Crt: Relatively rare superoutburst
TV Crv: Rare superoutburst in February
VW Crb: Long superoutburst in June
EY Cyg: Long outburst in November
V503 Cyg
V550 Cyg
V630 Cyg
V632 Cyg
V1028 Cyg
V1504 Cyg
HO Del: Rare superoutburst in August
CP Dra: New SU UMa-type dwarf nova with a long orbital period
IX Dra: New ER UMa-type dwarf nova
KL Dra: Outburst in August
AQ Eri: No confirmed superoutburst
BF Eri: Long outburst in January
XZ Eri: Eclipsing dwarf nova with a short orbital period
U Gem: Long slightly bright state before outburst
AW Gem
IR Gem
KN Gem: A suspected dwarf nova
UV Gem: No confirmed superoutburst
V446 Her
V478 Her
V589 Her
V660 Her
V844 Her
V1008 Her : Long outburst in August
AG Hya: SU UMa-type dwarf nova? A long outburst in January
CT Hya
TT Ind
T Leo : Superoutburst in October
RZ Leo: WZ Sge-type superoutburst
BR Lup: Superoutburst in April
V391 Lyr
TU Men: Moderate? outburst in February
AO Oct: SU UMa candidate
BE Oct
V344 Ori: Long, bright outburst, but without superhumps
V344 Pav
EF Peg: Rare superoutburst in October
IP Peg: Bright, long outburst in October
RU Peg: Unusually active state
V368 Peg
PY Per
UV Per: Rare superoutburst in January
TY Psc: Superoutburst in September
V893 Sco
NY Ser
QW Ser: Superoutburst in February
RZ Sge
WZ Sge: King of cataclysmics
V551 Sgr: Long outburst of a WZ Sge candidate in May
KK Tel
TX Tri
WY Tri
BC UMa: Faint, but somewhat long normal outburst
BZ UMa: SU UMa candidate, but again experienced a normal outburst
CI UMa: Superoutburst in October
IY UMa: Superoutburst in June
V383 Vel: ~2 months outburst cycle
HS Vir: Superoutburst in May
EC 10578-2935
SDSSp J015151.87+140047.2 : New dwarf nova?
RX J0558.3+6753 : Its dwarf nova nature confirmed
RX J0640-24 : Superoutburst? in June
RX J0944.5+0357 : New dwarf nova, no periodic modulations?
1RXS J105010.3-140431 : WZ Sge candidate
RX J1155.4-5641 : Dwarf nova with a short recurrence time
SDSSp J161332.56-000331.0 : New cataclymic variable, dwarf nova?
SDSSp J173008.38+624754.7 : New long-period SU UMa-type dwarf nova
RX J2315.5-3049
NSV10934 : The first-ever observed outburst
SBS 1017+533
TK5 : New variable, long outburst?
1RXS J232953.9+062814: New SU UMa star with a ultrashort period