CC Cnc : Superoutburst in November

As reported by M. Simonsen on November 10, the SU UMa-type dwarf nova CC Cnc experienced a bright (13.2mag) superoutburst (vsnet-campaign 1221). The superhump detection by the Kyoto team confirmed its superoutburst nature (vsnet-campaign-dn 1889). Using the 6 nights observations at Kyoto, T. Kato reported the superhump period of 0.07571(4) d which is 3.0% longer than the orbital period. Modulations with a period of 2-3 d was also superimposed on the light curve, suggesting the presence of a beat phenomenon (vsnet-campaign-dn 1911). In the data observed by J. Pietz, T. Kato noticed a possible low-amplitude QPO feature (vsnet-campaign-dn 1915). The Kyoto data showed that CC Cnc had undergone a dramatic decline between Nov. 21 and 22 (vsnet-campaign-dn 1931), which was confirmed by visual observations (vsnet-campaign-dn 1934).

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