BZ UMa : SU UMa candidate, but again experienced a normal outburst

The SU UMa-candidate BZ UMa experienced a relatively rare outburst, as reported by Pavol A. Dubovsky and M. Reszelski on May 1 at 10.8mag. The last outburst occurred in 2000 May (normal outburst). Although the orbital period of this object is below the period gap, none of previously observed outbursts of BZ UMa showed clear characteristics of a superoutburst, which is atypical for a short-period dwarf nova (vsnet-campaign 893). R. Novak performed time-series photometry on May 4 and reported no clear superhumps were seen (vsnet-campaign-dn 747). The outburst continued until May 3 and started rapid fading (vsnet-campaign 895). The short duration and no periodic modulation indicates that the outburst is also a normal one.

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