BZ Cam : Atypically rapid and strong activity in 2001

M. Reszelski and H. Itoh independently detected a sudden fading to 13.1mag of the VY Scl-type variable BZ Cam on February 11. The last fading (the second historical fading) of BZ Cam occurred in 1998 (vsnet-campaign 762). It has however rapidly recovered from the fading to 12.4mag on February 15 (vsnet-campaign 765). These fast activity is atypical for this class, and the active state continued throughout 2001: After the rapid recovering, the object again faded (vsnet-campaign 787). Except for a possible brightening reported on February 25 (vsnet-campaign 796), the slightly faint state continued until April (vsnet-campaign-nl 8), when the object started gradual recovering (vsnet-campaign-nl 13). The object then entered a bright state around 12.2mag (vsnet-campaign-nl 15). (After a temporary fading on September), H. Itoh reported that BZ Cam again faded to 13.1mag. BZ Cam recovered from this short fading in the end of November (vsnet-campaign-nl 56). T. Kato commented that if this indeed is an excursion to a low state, this star seems to be quite active in recent years (vsnet-campaign-nl 55).

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