BL Lac : Very bright outburst in June

After a temporary fading to 14.8 mag on the end of 2000 December, BL Lac revoered to 13th mag (vsnet-campaign-blazar 121). C. P. Jones reported that the object again became fain (14.5mag) on January 6 (vsnet-campaign-blazar 123). This fading continued until mid-January and reached to 15th mag (vsnet-campaign-blazar 125). Observations on January 16 and 17 shows BL Lac is slightly brighter (vsnet-campaign-blazar 126).

An outburst of BL Lac (13.7mag) was detected on June 8 (vsnet-campaign-blazar 204). It became very bright, reaching 12th mag on mid-July (vsnet-campaign-blazar 211). T. Balonek reported it was R=12.45mag on July 11 (vsnet-campaign-blazar 213). The brightening continued until July 14-15 when the object rapidly faded on July 14 and 15 (vsnet-campaign-blazar 215). The rapid fading stopped around 15.0 mag on early August (vsnet-campaign-blazar 220). The object was reported to be slightly bright around 14.5mag since early-November (vsnet-campaign-blazar 231).

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