Var64: February outburst with no humps

J. Pietz reported an outburst of the dwarf nova Var64 at about 15mag on February 27 (vsnet-alert 4283). Var64 have been suggested the presense of short-term variations during its outburst (vsnet-alert 2232). P. Schmeer confirmed the outburst and reported the quiescent magnitude of 17-18mag (vsnet-alert 4286). T. Kato and M. Uemura performed a time-series observation on February 27, and reported the first 2-hour of the run yielded no prominent hump (vsnet-alert 4288). P. Schmeer reported it back at quiescence on March 1.14 UT, and commented that this outburst was a bright but short one, and we are still waiting for a long outburst, or maybe Var64 can only undergo short outbursts like the intermediate polars EX Hya and DO Dra (vsnet-alert 4307).

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