V893 Sco: Some normal outbursts and no superoutburst

The eclipsing dwarf nova below the period gap V893 Sco experienced an outburst (12.8mag) on March 7 as reported by R. Stubbings and A. Pearce (vsnet-alert 4358). After rapidly fading from the outburst, the object again showed an outburst (13.0mag) on March 24 as reported by R. Stubbings (vsnet-alert 4458). The object experienced another outburst on April 6 (12.6mag by B. Monard) (vsnet-alert 4581). The next outburst was detected by B. Monard on May 29 at 12.7mag, and rapidly faded as above outbursts (vsnet-campaign 147, 153). According to R. Stubbings, it was in outburst at 12.6mag on June 19 (vsnet-campaign 231). The outburst is also a normal one (vsnet-campaign 242). As reported by B. Monard and R. Stubbings on 18, 19 July, V893 Sco experienced an outburst at the magnitude of 12.6 (vsnet-campaign 379). The fading was confirmed on July 20 at 13.8mag by R. Stubbings (vsnet-campaign-dn 50). A possible brightening was reported by A. Pearce on August 13 (13.7mag) (vsnet-campaign 428). The outburst was confirmed by the Ouda observing team on August 15 (vsnet-campaign 429). The fading from the outburst was reported by the Ouda team on August 16 (vsnet-campaign-dn 108).

Light Curve and General Information of This Object