V730 Sgr: Small-amplitude outburst?

As report by Williams in [vsnet-alert 5167], the suspected dwarf nova V730 Sgr was in outburst (13.6mag) on August 4. The first outburst reported to VSNET was in 1998 May, by Stubbings (mv=13.8) (vsnet-campaign 409). The data observed by N. Butterworth can be seen in [vsnet-campaign-data 34] and T. Kato commented about the data that the data seems to indicate the absence of variations greater than 0.1 mag (vsnet-campaign 412). The rare outburst of V730 Sgr have faded ( <14.0mag on August 7 by P. Williams) (vsnet-campaign 416).

V730 Sgr again showed another outburst on September 5 (vsnet-campaign-dn 138).

V730 Sgr experienced the other bright outburst as reported by R. Stubbings on September 24 (13.6mag) ( vsnet-campaign 512). T. Kato confirmed the outburst on September 25 (V=13.5) (vsnet-campaign-dn 162). The position calculted by H. Yamaoka using Ouda image is well coincident with a USNO star (r=15.2, b=14.9), and if this USNO star is the quiescent state of V730 Sgr, the amplitude is rather small (vsnet-campaign-dn 165). T. Kato obtained a 40-min time-series on September 25. The light curve showed no detectable variability (vsnet-campaign-dn 166). The fading from this outburst was observed on September 28 (14.1mag by R. Stubbings) (vsnet-campaign-dn 173).

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