V635 Cas: August X-ray - optical outburst

As reported by G. Poyner on August 29, the Be X-ray transient V635 Cas started its optical outburst (14.7mag) (vsnet-campaign-xray 45). The observation on September 1 by T. Kinnunen shows it to be fainter (15.1mag) (vsnet-campaign-xray 46). As reported in IAUC 7487, the RXTE all-sky monitor detected an X-ray outburst of V635 Cas = 4U 0115+63. The rise of X-ray on August 27 coincides with, but may slightly precede the optical outburst, reported by G. Poyner (vsnet-campaign-xray 48). B. Sumner presented a sequence for observations in [vsnet-campaign 481]. The fading from the current outburst was observed in the early September (vsnet-campaign-xray 52, 53).

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