V503 Cyg: Outburst pattern changed

C. Bryja noticed that this SU UMa star has been performing a Z Cam like standstill at V~15.7 ongoing since July 20 (vsnet-campaign 402). The observations by E. Muyllaert and G. Poyner showed an outburst of SU UMa-type dwarf nova V503 Cyg on October 8 (14.5: and 14.8mag). T. Kato commented that the star has apparently changed its outburst pattern in recent years (vsnet-campaign 525). From the observation on October 9, M. Uemura reported rapid decline from this outburst and no periodic modulation during the 2-hour run (vsnet-campaign 527, vsnet-campaign-dn 196).

M. Simonsen reported a new outburst of V503 Cyg at the magnitude of 14.0 on November 25. C. Kunjaya reported that the observation of V503 Cyg on November 29 at Gunma Astronomocal Observatory shows a clear light variation with amplitude about 0.2 mag and period 116 minutes (vsnet-campaign-dn 263). C. Kunjaya provided a light curve observed at Gunma in [vsnet-campaign-dn 282). M. Uemura and Kyoto team reported that the observation on December 7 shows rapidly fading from the superoutburst, and a possible short-term variation (vsnet-campaign-dn 295).

R. Ishioka and the Kyoto team reported another outburst on December 9 (vsnet-campaign-dn 303).

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