V493 Lyr: Long period SS Cyg-type dwarf nova?

G. Poyner reported the outburst of V493 Lyr at 14.2mag on June 6 (vsnet-alert 4949). The last recorded outburst occurred during August 1999. G. Hanson confirmed the outburst (vsnet-alert 4950). T. Vanmunster observed on June 07/08 and the resulting light curve is extremely flat, showing no variability and definitely no superhump structure (vsnet-campaign 193). He furthermore reported the light curve on Jun 12/13 is showing some modulation, although he wouldn't attribute it to superhumps (vsnet-campaign 226). He mentioned it seems V493 Lyr indeed is a long-period UGSS-type dwarf nova, as also suggested by T. Kato, in (vsnet-campaign 194).

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