V4641 Sgr: New activity of the fast X-ray nova

An extremely fast X-ray nova, V4641 Sgr, which experienced a giant outburst in 1999 September, was reported to show a renewed activity, possibly mini-outburst, in X-ray and radio range (vsnet-campaign-xray 9). R. Hjellming noticed to T. Kato and he forwarded that on early July 17 they detected it as a 1.6 mJy source at 8.4 GHZ and the source had resumed optical activity a week ago (vsnet-campaign-xray 11). Through the optical observation at Kyoto on July 18, it was confirmed that the object seems to be calm at 13.39mag (vsnet-campaign-xray 15). R. Hjellming reported that it is close to a constant source of about 1.2 mJy within the error bars. So, while V4641 Sgr has returned to producing a radio source, it is definitely not a short time scale radio event (vsnet-campaign-xray 20).

Light Curve and General Information of This Object