V405 Vul: New SU UMa star located at the upper border of the period gap

T. Vanmunster performed a time-series observations on August 25/26, and revealed that it clearly shows superhumps with the period of 0.1205 +/- 0.0019 d and a full superhump amplitude of 0.19 mag. This findings confirmed V405 Vul as an SU UMa dwarf nova with the second-longest superhump period, and very close to the upper border of the period gap (vsnet-campaign 452). T. Vaunmunster furthermore reported the fully grown superhumps with the amplitude of 0.4mag observed on August 29/30 (vsnet-campaign 459). J. Pietz reported his CCD observations before this outburst including an outburst in 1999 July/August (vsnet-campaign 466). T. Vanmunster reported it was still in the superoutburst on September 6, which means the outburst lasts at least 14 days (vsnet-campaign 479).

Light Curve and General Information of This Object