V1504 Cyg: Increased outburst activity

As reported in [vsnet-alert 5050], M. Simonsen reported the SU UMa-type dwarf nova V1504 Cyg experienced an outburst on June 27, and it was still bright (14.2mag) on June 30, indicating that the present outburst is a superoutburst. The SU UMa-type nature of V1504 Cyg has been confirmed, but detailed observations are still needed. On July 6, E. Pavlenko reported that this SU UMa-type dwarf nova was still undergoing the superoutburst with the mean period 0.07d, as it was found by D. Nogami earlier, and amplitude, which evolved from 0.25 mag to 0.15 mag during 5 days since the beginning of the superoutburst. She noticed that ~1' to the North from V1504 Cyg, there is another variable star which should not use as the comparison star (vsnet-campaign 301). It faded from the superoutburst ( <14.5mag) on July 10 (vsnet-campaign 353). R. Novak reported that the star is very faint (aprox 16-17 mag) on July 12 (vsnet-campaign 364).

In Summer, T. Kato commented that V1504 Cyg seems to exhibit a state of atypically increased outburst activity since the early August. The short outburst interval may rival normal outbursts of ER UMa stars (vsnet-campaign 415). Another outburst was detected by T. Kinnunen (15.2mag) on August 17 (vsnet-campaign-dn 111). Relatively bright outburst (14.2mag) was detected by L. Cook on August 26 (vsnet-campaign 449). As reported by M. Simonsen, V1504 Cyg showed an outburst on November 23 at 14.4mag (vsnet-campaign-dn 257).

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