TV Col: A moment flush

As reported by R. Stubbings on April 25, the intermediate polar TV Col experienced a rare outburst at 12mag (vsnet-alert 4677). It was a very brief brightening lasted only within one day (vsnet-alert 4746).

As reported by R. Stubbings (vsnet-alert 5419) and B. Monard (vsnet-alert 5420) on December 5, TV Col experienced an outburst (or in bright state). A rapid fading from the outburst was reported on December 6 (13.9mag by R. Stubbings) (vsnet-campaign-ip 12, 14). K. Mukai and his collaborators observed TV Col with RXTE on Dec 7 (vsnet-campaign-ip 13). The Kyoto team (M. Uemura et al.) reported a brightenings of TV Col on December 24 (vsnet-campaign-ip 17). S. Kerr reported the other outburst on December 21 (vsnet-campaign-ip 19, 20).

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