TmzV34: February outburst

P. Schmeer reported the cataclysmic variable TmzV34 (vsnet-obs 10504, vsnet 1361). entered in a bright state (outburst?) at 14mag on early Februrary (vsnet-alert 4160). The most recently observed (but unconfirmed) brightening was detected by T. Watanabe on 1999 April 8.596 UT (vsnet-alert 2854). M. Uemura and T. Kato confirmed the outburst (vsnet-alert 4161). The light curve obtained by M. Uemura, T. Kato, and D. Buczynski on February 9 and 10 yielded no detectable modulation (vsnet-alert 4202).

Light Curve and General Information of This Object