SN 2000C: An atypically bright type-Ic supernova
SN 2000H: Type IIb? a curious supernova
SN 2000P: A type IIn supernova
SN 2000cr: A bright type-II supernova appeared in a star forming region
SN 2000cu
SN 2000cv
SN 2000cw
SN 2000cx: A peculiar type-Ia supernova
SN 2000da
SN 2000db
SN 2000dc
SN 2000de
SN 2000df
SN 2000dj: A type-II supernova appeared near SN 1972L
SN 2000dk
SN 2000dm: With long duration of brightening phase
SN 2000do: Slightly dimmer than expected?
SN 2000dr
SN 2000ds
SN 2000dw
SN 2000dx: A type Ia supernova brighter than expected
SN 2000ek
SN 2000el
SN 2000eo
SN 2000er
SN 2000ev
SN 2000ew
SN 2000ex
SN 2000ey
SN 2000ez
SN 2000fa
SN 2000fb
SN 2000fe