Possible Nova Pup 2000

K. Kanatsu discovered a new variable star at R.A. = 7h37m58s, Decl. = -25o56'51" (equinox 2000.0) and reported to VSNET on December 30 (vsnet-campaign-nova 94). Kanatsu found no apparent counterpart on the Digital Sky Survey. K. Takamizawa reported that the new object was not present (limiting mag 14) taken by himself between ] between 1994 March 14 and 1999 December 3; he notes the presence of a close stellar companion of mag 14.5, which is apparently a red star ( red mag 13.6) in the USNO A2.0 catalogue having position end figures 58s.43, 46".8 (vsnet-campaign-nova 95, 96).

General Information of This Object