Rho Cas: Histrical fading begun on August
V766 Cen: April fading
SY Cir
V1062 Cyg: August - September brightenings
Delta Vel: A new bright eclipsing binary
RZ Vul: Rapid fading on March
EO Oph: A noteworthy ROSAT identification
FBS 2351+228: August outburst of a red star?
GRB 001025A
GRB 001025B
HadV27: September brightening
HadV48: An eclipsing binary ?
HadV62: = V1901 Sgr ?
HD 5980
HW Tau
HX Peg: Fading from standstill and some outbursts
PT Per
MT Pup: A large amplitude CV ?
LD 317: Good candidate of CV
NSV26158: August brightening
TmzV34: February outburst