NSV14652: August (super?) outburst

As reported by T. Vaunmunster on August 22 in [vsnet-alert 5202], the suspected dwarf nova NSV 14652, the possible identification with a ROSAT source, experienced the outburst at 15.8mag (vsnet-campaign 439). P. Schmeer reported another brightening for a few days in 1993 June (vsnet-campaign 439). T. Vanmunster performed a time-series observation on August 22/23 which yielded a 0.5 mag modulation in the resulting light curve (covering a total of 6.1 hours) (vsnet-campaign 443).

T. Kinnunen reported that NSV 14652 might be again in outburst (vsnet-campaign 487). T. Vanmunster reported an unfiltered CCD image on September 13 did not reveal any outbursting object (limiting mag = 16.5 - 17) and commented that it seems unlikely that NSV 14652 really is undergoing an outburst (vsnet-campaign 491).

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