Nova Sgr 2000 (=V4642 Sgr)

According to IAUC 7362, Y. Sakurai discovered a possible nova in Sgr: 11.5 mag(Jan. 25.863, Sakurai, prediscovery); 10.5 mag(Feb. 4.863, Sakurai, discovery); 10.4CCD mag(Feb. 6.812, Y. and R. Kushida) (vsnet-alert 4167).

(CCD image at Kyoto University, 2000 Feb. 10)

K. Takamizawa's observation showed it was fading rather rapidly (vsnet-alert 4172). R. Stubbings and A. Pearce have reported that Nova Sgr 2000 has brightened on February 17 to 12.1 and 12.4mag, respectively (vsnet-alert 4242, 4247).

According to IAUC 7381, Nova Sgr 2000 has given a permanent designation V4642 Sgr (vsnet-alert 4408).