KZ Gem: January and October outbursts

On January 8, P. Schmeer detected an outburst of KZ Gem at about 14mag According to the GCVS KZ Gem is a dwarf nova with a photographic magnitude range of 14.7-[18.5 and a mean cycle length of 258 days (vsnet-alert 3991). The position in DWS97 is not true of that of KZ Gem and KZ Gem lies between the star marked in DWS97 and the mag 14 star to the north of it (vsnet-alert 4012, 4022, 4026, 4030, 4032). T. Vanmunster performed a time-series observation on January 9/10, and reported the light curve is quite flat, showing no periodic modulations (vsnet-alert 4001). T. Kato and M. Uemura also detected no short-term variation larget than 0.1mag in light curves on January 14 and 15 (vsnet-alert 4016, vsnet-alert 4031). The other outburst was reported by P. Schmeer, and confirmed by M. Uemura and T. Kato at 14.2mag on October 18. During the run, no variation with an amplitude over 0.1mag was not seen (vsnet-campaign 204).

Light Curve and General Information of This Object