KW And: March and October outbursts

P. Schmeer reported the large amplitude dwarf nova KW And is visible at mag 15 on March 24.156 UT, and seven days earlier the dwarf nova was at minimum (vsnet-alert 4454). T. Kato and M. Uemura confirmed the outburst at 15.4mag (vsnet-alert 4460).

T. Kinnunen found KW And is in outburst at the magnitude of 15.0 on October 22 (vsnet-campaign 537). From 2-hour time-series observation on October 26, Ouda team reported a possible short-term modulation with its amplitude of 0.2mag (vsnet-campaign 540). H. Yamaoka performed astrometry using Ouda image, and reported it seems secure that the USNO_A2.0 star at (end figures) 18s.00, 02".1 is identical to KW And, whose USNO_A2.0 rmag = 17.8 and bmag = 18.6. It seems that Kurochkin, 1977 is the only one reference of the type identification (UG) and the GCVS minimum magnitude(22:p) (vsnet-campaign-dn 224). T. Kato and H. Iwamatsu confirmed the magnitude is going down to about 17.5mag on November 1 (vsnet-campaign-dn 228).

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