XTE J1550-564: Re-bright

According to IAUCs 7399 and 7400, the southern black hole X-ray transient (X-ray nova) XTE J1550-564 was brightening again on early April. The source has brigtened V=19.1 on Mar. 29 to V=18.1 on Apr. 10 (R magnitudes are typically 1 mag brighter). The source was first observed in outburst in 1998 September (IAUC 7008), whose optical counterpart (V=16) was immediately discovered (J2000.0, IAUC 7009). The present renewed activity may or may not resemble "mini-outbursts" notably observed in GRO J0422+32 (=V518 Per). (vsnet-alert 4604, vsnet-alert 4607).