RX J0909.8+1849: New eclipsing dwarf nova

H. Maehara (Saitama, Japan) reports (unconfirmed) outburst of RX J0909.8+1849, a ROSAT-selected cataclysmic variable at 13.0mag on February 10. The object is normally at V=16.4, and was recorded in outburst on the GSC plate (mag 12.53) (vsnet-alert 4176). T. Watanabe confirmed at 13.7mag on February 11 (vsnet-alert 4178). P. Schmeer reported the outburst is curious; it was brighter (12.9mag) on February 7 than that on February 10 (14.8mag) (vsnet-alert 4183). T. Vanmunster detected an eclipse with an amplitude of 2.5mag and a duration of 28min during his observation on February 11, and confirmed RX J0909.8+1849 is a new eclipsing dwarf nova (vsnet-alert 4184). From the subsequent observation, he observed the other eclipse and determined the orbital period to be 0.1751 day. This value very well explains the February 10.303 UT observation P. Schmeer refers to in [vsnet-alert 4183. He has indeed made an image at the moment of an eclipse. M. Uemura and T. Kato performed a time-series observation on February 11 and detected an eclipse whose profile is almost consistent that reported by T. Vanmunster, and moreover which has a flat bottom lasting for 10min. This is rather surprisingly long for typical eclipses during dwarf nova outbursts (vsnet-alert 4180, 4199). The object rather rapidly faded (vsnet-alert 4193, 4203).

(First-ever time-resolved photometry of an eclipse during outburst!, Kyoto team)

(Post-outburst eclipse light curve by Gordon Garradd)

P. Schmeer informed that the eclipsing dwarf nova RX J0909.8+1849 may be in an enhanced activity state on March 26 (vsnet-alert 4468). E. Pavlenko has provided the most recent photometry of the object, which safely precludes the outburst activity. Visual observartions on March 26 have not been able to confirm the outburst. The reported brightness variation may have been caused by the quiescent activity (vsnet-alert 4471).

P. Schmeer reported an outburst on October 17 at the magnitude of 13.5 (vsnet-campaign-dn 206).

Light Curve and General Information of This Object