IX Dra: A candidate of ER UMa

As reported by T. Kinnunen, the outburst (15.0mag) of the poorly studied dwarf nova IX Dra occurred on September 14 (vsnet-campaign 494). A fading trend was observed and the outurst lasted at least for four days.

T. Vanmunster performed CCD observations on IX Dra whose another outburst was reported on October 25 by M. Reszelski and the resulting real-time light curve clearly shows the presence of a 0.22 mag modulation, to be attributed to superhumps (vsnet-campaign 551). Based on his 6.45hr observation, the superhump period is calculated to be 0.068d. (vsnet-campaign 551). As reported by T. Kinnunen, the September outburst lasted at least for four days, which might suggest another superoutburst. If the September outburst was a genuine superoutburst, the interval of subsequent superoutbursts becomes as short as 49 d, which is pretty close to that of ER UMa (vsnet-campaign 553).

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