HW Tau

The position of HW Tau in Downws, Webbink and Shara seems to be not true. The object shown in Downws, Webbink and Shara is too red for a CV as reported by B. Sumner (vsnet-alert 2520, vsnet-alert 4108). Some confusions were happened in early 2000 (vsnet-alert 4101, 4104, 4105). A. Henden informed a sequence of this field: ftp://ftp.nofs.navy.mil/pub/outgoing/aah/sequence/sumner/hwtau.seq P. Schmeer reported that HW Tau is one of the 'cataclysmic variables' that he identified in 1999 as minor planets vsnet-alert 4111).

Light Curve and General Information of This Object