HT Cam: Two Outbursts with very short durations

The outburst of a suspected SU UMa or IP, HT Cam = RX J0757.0+6306 was reported by T. Kinnunen and P. Schmeer on 15 May at 12.9mag and 13.2-13.0mag, respectively (vsnet-alert 4845, 4846). V. Simon reported it was back in quiescence and confirmed rapid decline from outburst on 16 May. The feature of this outburst agree with the previous one (vsnet-campaign 77). The decline rate is very fast and possibly more than 5 mag/d. T. Kinnunen reported the next outburst (13.7mag) on September 14 (vsnet-campaign 492). It then again showed a rapid fading from the outburst on September 15 (<14.8mag by T. Kinnunen).

Light Curve and General Information of This Object